About Us

SC Soccer Coaching History

SC Soccer coaching began in September 2003 providing fun football through a Saturday morning club and one after school club. We have since grown to provide many community sessions, after school clubs, and various other types of coaching.

 In July 2009 we became one of the first organisations to become affiliated with the Welsh Football Trust, as part of their new accreditation scheme.

 Our Ethos.

We believe involving children in sport at an early age, whilst making it fun and achievable, is an ideal way for children to enjoy sport and exercise, and to learn social skills with other children. We want all children to be able to partake in fun football sessions, at a reasonable cost whilst receiving expert, professional coaching.

 We also believe that children who want to take football more seriously, should have the opportunity to receive advanced professional coaching, whether or not they are signed to a football team. SC Soccer Coaching is not affiliated to any particular team, and therefore is not interested in coaching players, for any reason other than expanding and improving their football skills. Hence we set up the Elite Football Performance Centre (now Academy), which provides football coaching of a higher level than fun football.  Due to the phenomenal success of this centre, many local football teams have engaged our coaching services directly on an ad-hoc basis.

 We are always looking to provide coaching in new and innovative ways, to make the sessions fun, interesting and achievable.

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