Name: Noddy

Nickname: Taxi

Favourite Colour(s): White



Favourite food: Diesel (Note for Mrs editor – not petrol)

Favourite TV programme(s): American Hot Rod, Match of the Day

Favourite Number(s): 7

About me: I live with my family (the Cartwrights) in Llandudno. I love football and am ‘Living the dream’ as I get to carry hundreds of footballs around all day.   I do like to be kept clean and tidy (note to Shane – CLEAN ME!)

Noddy the coach: I don’t have any coaching qualifications yet as I have only been involved with SC Soccer Coaching since February 2011. However, I see my role more as marketing and transport.  

Noddy the player: I have never played for any football teams, however, I have headed a few footballs in my time with SC Soccer Coaching.

I support: Liverpool (I have to!), Vauxhall Motors

In the World Cup I support: VANUATU (It does exist – check our top scorer Richard Iwai)

My sporting heros are: Shane Cartwright

Current favourite players: Marco VAN Basten, Ruud VAN Nistelrooy, Robin VAN Persie.

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